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verfaßt von rstilz, 15.03.2023, 21:24:04

> My understanding from the Macrium Reflect Forums is that the Free (not Trial) version ended at v8.0 and v8.1 and higher are the Free Trial which reverts to Restore only after the trial ends (unless you pay for a license).
> ‘Free’ downloads from the Macrium Reflect site are the v8.1(8.1.7367) Free Trial, not v8.0 Free(8.0.7279).
v8.0 Free gibts aber noch im Web (die mit security-updates bis 2024)

> Macrium site:
> Reflect free trials - our promise to you ...

> Once your trial ends, you will have the ability to restore previously created backup files,
> but all other features will be blocked.


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